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"Overcoming students' misconceptions can be a challenging process for even the most proficient middle school science teachers. Britannica's Pathways: Science provides teachers and students with a new approach to targeting misconceptions, inside or outside the classroom."
Published: 28/04/2014
Silver & Ballard in conjunction with The Education Television and Video Communications Trust (eTV) has recently completed a project to digitise more than 1400 hours of content held in the Victoria University of Wellington archive. The Victoria University of Wellington commissioned eTV to...
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Published: 28/04/2014
Irish social enterprise Camara Education aims to bring digital literacy to 2m children worldwide by the end of 2016 via a new three-year strategy, ‘Prove, Improve, Scale’. Camara... more >
Published: 15/04/2014
INTRODUCTION   Overcoming students' misconceptions can be a challenging process for even the most proficient middle school science teachers. Students need the opportunity to confront and... more >
Published: 14/04/2014
As part of Balmoral School’s strategic plan, the Auckland school focused on developing a 21 st  Century learning environment. It began with a BYOD programme, facilitated by a managed... more >
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Apple - Mac 30 - Thirty years of innovation
To celebrate the Mac’s 30th aniversary, Apple has created ‘Mac 30’ a video and interactive timeline telling the device’s story froms its beginnings in 1984.
Announcing TED-Ed Clubs!
TED Talks has announced a new initiative called TED-Ed Clubs. Essentially, it’s designed to encourage young people (8 to 18 years) to create their own versions of a TED Talk through starting a school club. Check out the step-by-step guide to starting a club at your school at
Terms and Conditions May Apply
In a newly released video, ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ (, the filmmakers suggest that if we were to read the terms and conditions we sign up to and have to re-sign to every time there’s an update, it would take each of us a full week, every year.
AVerVision F50 in use
I’ve found that students find it easier to follow step-by-step instructions when working through practicals or worksheets when they can see the same thing on the projector as what they have in front of them , as my ‘F50 in use’ video shows
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1840 Race
We have started our topic by looking at the treaty of Waitangi and the people in New Zealand in 1840. We split into 5 groups and decorated a waka with the things important to each group. Then we had a race.
Terrific Typing Apps
Here are two awesome web apps for practicing your typing skills. Typing Monster - seriously fast [ for expert typers] and Typing Tide Pool - for learners.
Mystery Skype
Today we are going take part in a Mystery Skype session with another class. We have to work out where in the world they are! We will have to ask some really intelligent questions to work that out!
Explainig Cyber Safety using Go Animate
Today Constable Wong spoke to Room 16 and Room 17 about cyber safety. We are learning to be digital citizens and his messages were very helpful. Here is a short animated video I created using Go Animate. It is one of the sites on the Writing Symbaloo at the bottom of the blog.
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Published: 20/03/2014 | Issue 54
You’ve been SNUP-ed, so now it’s full steam ahead with your BYOD roll-out, right? Well, possibly but before launching into it, determine the capability of the network and ensure it’s up to both the challenge and the expectations, writes David Kinane.   Wi-Fi is a game changer for education. Quite simply, it offers...   more
Published: 20/03/2014 | Issue 54
Last month, Yahoo's Connie Chung came to New Zealand to work with NetSafe. She experienced the online challenges we face and plans to use what she's learned to help make the internet a safer place for Kiwis. At Yahoo, we're focused on making the world's daily habits inspiring and entertaining – whether you're searching the web, emailing...   more
Published: 20/03/2014 | Issue 54
Niua School is in Pukapuka, one of the most isolated places in the Pacific. Matthew Easterbrook recalls his experiences visiting and how the small school's making big steps towards utilising technology as a learning and teaching tool. The distinctive shape of a stingray is visible as the three main motu (islets) of Pukapuka come into view. It...   more
Published: 20/03/2014 | Issue 54
Opened in 2004, Alfriston College in South Auckland was purpose built to provide not just an inspiring learning environment but a practical one, as well. A key part of its overall success has been the introduction of digital signage.   With more than 1,500 students segmented across five whanau groups, the challenge for Alfriston...   more
Issue 54 -  Term 1, April 2014
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