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What’s the buzz in the blogsphere? Here we pick out some of the latest news and views from blogs by teachers.

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The End of Not Knowing  
I had a very curious flash of insight the other day. Not a revelation as such but one of those moments that happens a thousand times a week and just occasionally you see the right juxtaposition to make you realise what just happened. I was driving my family to Glasgow. We came around a bend in the motorway and, slightly abruptly, met the tail end of a traffic queue. It was abrupt because there were no signs indicating any roadworks. When you meet a queue before you see the signs, you naturally start to think you're in for a bit of a wait. Everyone wants to know just how long. The driver of the car in the lane next to me started edging his car towards the centre line, craning to peer down the queue and see how far off the obstruction was. Without even really thinking about it, I slid open my iPhone that was mounted on the dashboard playing music. I fired up the TomTom app, picked my destination. In a couple of seconds, the phone beeped to show that the obstruction was 1.1 miles from my current position and that the delay to my journey would be approximately four minutes. It's not that GPS navigation systems with live traffic data are particularly new; it was just the contrast between my experience and the frustrated, anxious driver in the next lane that made me think about this. It felt like I had a sixth sense: data. Source: Fraser Speirs
Added: 18/07/2012
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Livewires - Puahue School's blog  
Puahue's school blog comes from deep within the Waikato - rural New Zealand.
Posted: 27/04/2010
Makuri School's blog  
What the students at Makuri School get up to!
Posted: 22/04/2010
Learning Zone 9  
A school blog from Year 5 and 6 students at Mission Heights school, Auckland, New Zealand.
Posted: 12/04/2010
Sharing the Addiction  
This blog focuses on the use of Web 2.0 tools in education as well as a few tidbits about personal teaching experiences.
Posted: 8/04/2010
Re-thinking e-portfolios  
A blog that looks at the reasons why e-portfolios don't get the attention they deserve as learning tools.
Posted: 6/04/2010
Project based learning  
This blog features some interesting resources for teachers in particular, resources taken from the recent Project Based Learning sessions.
Posted: 31/03/2010
What Now? What Next? So What?  
Michael Fawcett's blog - primary school teacher, Hamilton, New Zealand.
Posted: 26/03/2010
ICT in English NZ  
This blog discusses how ICT and e-learning enhances students’ learning in English.
Posted: 23/03/2010
TILT - Teachers Improving Learning through Technology  
Teacher Danny Mass uses this blog to show the different ways he utilises technology as a teacher.
Posted: 15/03/2010
Oamaru Intermediate's Blog  
This is Oamaru Intermediate's blog about who they are and what they do online and at school.
Posted: 12/03/2010
Wiki page from Room 18, Chisnallwood Intermediate, Christchurch  
This blog is an example of a Wiki website created by the students from Room 18, Chisnallwood Intermediate, Christchurch.
Posted: 10/03/2010
Virtual coaching  
AlannahK's blog describes various technologies that she uses as a teacher. She was also nominated as a finalist for the NZ Microsoft Innovative Teachers award 2008.
Posted: 3/03/2010
Manaia Kalani  
This blog is maintained by Dorothy Burt, eLearning Team Leader at Pt England School , Auckland. She talks about various aspects of eLearning and recently blogged about word clouds using 'Word It Out'.
Posted: 23/02/2010
The Learning Cafe  
Mr Cranston's blog looks at aspects of teaching Geography, Social Studies and Tourism using various forms of multimedia at Katikati College.
Posted: 18/02/2010
Educational Origami  
This blog is maintained by Andrew Churces from Kristin School. He looks at many types of online resources for teachers including Google for educators and Amazing Space for science and astronomy.
Posted: 15/02/2010
ICT Enhanced Learning and Teaching  
This blog is organised by Hazel Owen who is an academic advisor on ICT used to enhance learning and education in New Zealand.
Posted: 11/02/2010
e-Learning facilitator Jeanette M's blog  
Jeanette's blog focuses on e-Learning and ICT support for five schools in the Kawerau district of New Zealand.
Posted: 10/02/2010
e-safety and e-folio  
A blog that investigates e-folio use in the teaching medium with a particular focus on how using e-Portfolios can affect learning outcomes.
Posted: 5/02/2010
Simulating and supporting innovation in e-learning  
This blog looks at innovation in e-learning and has a particularly interesting view on a hot topic for teachers - e-safety.
Posted: 3/02/2010