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The End of Not Knowing  
I had a very curious flash of insight the other day. Not a revelation as such but one of those moments that happens a thousand times a week and just occasionally you see the right juxtaposition to make you realise what just happened. I was driving my family to Glasgow. We came around a bend in the motorway and, slightly abruptly, met the tail end of a traffic queue. It was abrupt because there were no signs indicating any roadworks. When you meet a queue before you see the signs, you naturally start to think you're in for a bit of a wait. Everyone wants to know just how long. The driver of the car in the lane next to me started edging his car towards the centre line, craning to peer down the queue and see how far off the obstruction was. Without even really thinking about it, I slid open my iPhone that was mounted on the dashboard playing music. I fired up the TomTom app, picked my destination. In a couple of seconds, the phone beeped to show that the obstruction was 1.1 miles from my current position and that the delay to my journey would be approximately four minutes. It's not that GPS navigation systems with live traffic data are particularly new; it was just the contrast between my experience and the frustrated, anxious driver in the next lane that made me think about this. It felt like I had a sixth sense: data. Source: Fraser Speirs
Added: 18/07/2012
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Diary of a Teacher  
A candid blog about the general ups and downs of teaching in a primary school in Auckland, New Zealand.
Posted: 26/01/2010
100 great google doc tips for educators and students  
100 great tips for using the documents, presentations and spreadsheets in Google Docs.
Posted: 7/12/2009
Art collaboration from Room 13  
This slideshow from Room 13 at Balmacewen Intermediate School shows images of all the artwork the students did during an art gallery visit.
Posted: 4/12/2009
Inquiry presentation on engagement  
This blog uses a slideshare presentation to present all the main points collected during an inquiry into engagement with students in the classroom. Check it out!
Posted: 27/11/2009
365 photos Fickr group  
A group dedicated to taking a photo every day for a year and posting it on Flickr!
Posted: 24/11/2009
Podomatic podcast via Senior VAS' blog  
The Senior VAS' class blog uses 'Podomatic' podcasting software to present this topic on the digestive system.
Posted: 18/11/2009
Google wave used in education  
This blog explains what Google wave is in plain terms and discusses the uses of Google Wave in the classroom.
Posted: 10/11/2009
The link between LMS activity and grades  
This blog features a project created by the blog owner called the 'Indicators project'. The core of the project is "Enabling comparisons of LMS usage across institutions, platforms and time".
Posted: 5/11/2009
Why Social Networks are important  
This blog entry discusses the importance of Social Networking and uses a CommonCraft video clip to present the discussion.
Posted: 4/11/2009
DOS games in the classroom  
Maths Rescue and Word Rescue DOS games for the classroom explored on this blog.
Posted: 28/10/2009
Learning Management Systems  
This particular blog post looks at the specifics of using a Learning Managment System in schools and offers a thorough and comprehensive review.
Posted: 21/10/2009
Camtasia and e-Windows for Macs  
This blog investigates ways to enhance e-learning including experiences with Camtasia software for Mac users and e-Windows.
Posted: 19/10/2009
It's not all about the technology, teachers matter too!  
Insight from a student who has a teacher for a mum, this particular blog post looks at technology, kids and teaching from a student's point of view.
Posted: 12/10/2009
What book genre is that?  
If you're finding it hard to explain what a 'genre' is to your students, here's a nice little visual way that might help. Check it out:
Posted: 7/10/2009
Computer museums of the world  
This website features a gallery of computers long forgotten. A gallery of computers that helped change the world.
Posted: 24/09/2009
Infograph of web trends  
If you ever wondered what a graph of global web trends looks like, this website has managed to capture it pretty well. Check it out.
Posted: 22/09/2009
Student video mathcast  
This teacher's blog features students using video to teach maths to the classroom. A nice way to put the student in the teacher's seat.
Posted: 21/09/2009
The growth of global broadband  
Ever wondered just how much broadband connectivity has grown over the last 10 years? This blog shows the global expansion of broadband on a visual scale.
Posted: 17/09/2009
The time machine of Search Engines  
Ever wondered what Google looked like back in 1998 when it was in beta? This blog has captured images of some of the internet's best search engines and has recorded 'before' and 'after' snapshots. Check it out.
Posted: 14/09/2009
Web 2.0 ePortfolios for students  
Web 2.0 ePortfolios could be a great tool for students and teachers alike. Check out this blog for more details on how it works.
Posted: 7/09/2009