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Video of the Week
Weebly for Education (education.weebly.com)  
Weebly for Education (education.weebly.com) is free and allows teachers to easily create class websites and blogs. Students can also be added to class accounts in order to develop e-portfolios or to publish website assigned projects. To build a website simply drag and drop desired content elements on to your page, things like text, photos, maps, and videos. At any time you can change the theme, add pages, RSS feeds, a blog page, forms, surveys and more from the multitude of readymade fields. Hierarchy can be added to the pages by dragging the page tab left or right then back on the home screen, the page will appear under a page heading or alongside the main elements. When you’re ready, publish your creation. You can even publish to your own domain if you already have one.
Added: 27/11/2012
mattam66's channel  
Matthew’s YouTube channel – mattam66 – has more than 100 videos on maths, from adding fractions and finding the percentage of a quantity, to solving differential equations and proving using ‘Principle of Mathematical’ induction. It has 51 subscribers and more than 24,000 views.
Posted: 18/02/2012
About Microsoft Lync  
Microsoft Lync is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. It offers a highly secure and reliable system that works with existing tools and systems for easier management, lower cost of ownership, smoother deployment and migration, and greater choice and flexibility. This video explains more.
Posted: 18/02/2012
Tools, trend and tactics for 21st Century learning  
Keynote speaker Kevin Honeycutt was playing his guitar while student Thomas was playing the drums on an iPad, a skill he had learned the day before. Kevin had been demonstrating tools, tactics and techniques for 21st century learners, and this was the conclusion of his presentation.
Posted: 17/02/2012
Using projects in Wikispaces  
The new feature ‘projects’ is available in Wikispaces. Learn how to set-up your first project.
Posted: 17/02/2012
Creative Commons Kiwi  
Check out this informative and engaging video from Creative Commons New Zealand about how to apply Creative Commons licensing to your work.
Posted: 17/02/2012
Promethean unveils ActivTable  
Promethean has unveiled ActivTable, its latest collaborative solution. The ‘table’ top is a high-definition 46-inch touch-screen, a full-featured Windows PC, and can support up to six users simultaneously, encouraging inclusion and collaborative skills. “Learning and teaching effectiveness are undoubtedly increased by creating opportunities for collaboration and engagement,” said Promethean CEO Jean-Yves Charlier. “ActivTable encourages inclusive group activities alongside personalised learning. From the teachers’ perspective, it also supports immediate assessment and integrates with core curriculum learning objectives.” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-16544074
Posted: 17/02/2012
Is This The Future of Touchscreen Tech? New Video Will Blow Your Mind  
Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning has unveiled a follow-up YouTube video to its wildly successful “A Day Made of Glass,” providing another look into what the future could be like with the growth of glass touchscreen interfaces, from innovative chalkboards and activity tables in classrooms to uses for it in hospitals. http://mashable.com/2012/02/03/day-of-glass/
Posted: 4/02/2012
WordSift (wordsift.com) is a fun tool for exploring the use of words. It lets you ‘sift’ through stories by simply cutting and pasting any text into the site. It will analyse the text and create a word cloud of the 50 most frequently used words. The most used will be displayed as a word web in a visual thesaurus. Google image and video search results are also shown.
Posted: 30/11/2011
Dyslexia Quest  
"Dyslexia Quest" by Nessy, An App for iPad / iPhone Six games that each test a different learning ability.
Posted: 30/11/2011
Omar Gallaga takes a look at storybook iPad app version of the Dr. Seuss classic,  
Awarded the Kirkus Star and selected as one of the Top Ten Storybook apps, this app is perfect for young readers age 2-8. One of over two dozen Dr. Seuss books available for the iPad, this app lets readers interact with every featured object and includes great narration. Please visit KirkusReviews.com for a full review, along with reviews for dozens of other iPad storybook apps.
Posted: 30/11/2011