"Facebook was the most suitable tool for our goal of an interactive approach to the study of Romeo and Juliet, because it was the easiest way to achieve the kind of collaboration we were aiming for."
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Video of the Week
The TimeMap of World History  
Explore world history with The TimeMap of World History (timemaps.com/home/time-map). Starting at 3,500 BC, this site cleverly combines maps, timelines and chronological narratives to provide a visual guide to each civilisation and nation in history.
Added: 27/04/2012
SortFix takes it on itself to improve the results of your search … by actually suggesting better search terms!
Posted: 26/03/2011
Google Recipe View  
Google has added a new search capability called Recipe View. To activate the function, click on the Recipes icon that’s found on a search-results page. It’s currently only available in the US and Japan but will be here soon.
Posted: 26/03/2011
ENROL integration  
Posted: 26/03/2011
HP TouchSmart 610  
Recently launched HP TouchSmart 610 looks at touch and interaction in a whole new light.
Posted: 26/03/2011
Now anyone can sync Google Docs and Microsoft Office  
Google just made it easier for people to collaborate with each other using Microsoft Office by officially launching Google Cloud Connect. The service, which has been in beta since November, is now available to all and uses Google’s vast cloud to store and synchronize any Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel document.
Posted: 26/03/2011
A huge win for artificial intelligence  
A super computer created by IBM specifically to excel at answers-and-questions left two champs of the TV game show ‘Jeopardy!’ in its silicon dust after a three-day tournament, a feat that experts call a technological breakthrough in artificial intelligence. Now, the machine – called Watson – will be tested in two university medical centres to help doctors sift through large amounts of data quickly.
Posted: 26/03/2011
The internet in 1998  
YouTube user DiamondGB recorded his internet browsing session on April 4, 1998 and recently uploaded it to YouTube. In it, he visits some chat rooms, shows off his Geocities site, reads up on gaming news and anime, and learns about the new Zelda64 game. Oh internet, my how you’ve grown!
Posted: 22/03/2011
This Music Video Was Shot Entirely On An iPad 2  
Apple’s second generation iPad probably isn’t the most practical video camera, but that hasn’t stopped Remedy Films from using the device to shoot a music video. In fact, four iPad 2 models were used to shoot the video for “NEED,” by Eddy, and the resulting mini movie isn’t half bad.
Posted: 21/03/2011
TED 2011: Swedish Company Creates Flyovers in 3D  
C3 Technologies, a Swedish spinoff of the aerospace and defense company Saab AB, has taken technology used by the Swedish military to guide missiles in real time and turned it into a commercial application for licensing. Using images captured by plane, the software converts the video into 3D models of a city, which can be overlayed with digital billboards, social networking comments and traditional mapping legends to call out landmarks and other sites. CEO Mattias Åström, speaking at the Technology Entertainment and Design conference last week, said his company has mapped 100 cities so far and produces its high-resolution 3D models from aerial images, but can also combine them with 2D maps and street-level photography.
Posted: 8/03/2011