"Facebook was the most suitable tool for our goal of an interactive approach to the study of Romeo and Juliet, because it was the easiest way to achieve the kind of collaboration we were aiming for."
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Video of the Week
The TimeMap of World History  
Explore world history with The TimeMap of World History (timemaps.com/home/time-map). Starting at 3,500 BC, this site cleverly combines maps, timelines and chronological narratives to provide a visual guide to each civilisation and nation in history.
Added: 27/04/2012
2011 Emerging Leaders' Symposium  
A group of emerging leaders have convened a two-day symposium in Auckland on 28 and 29 April 2011. Emerging leaders are invited to attend this 'unconference' to prepare a vision for the future of education in New Zealand-Aotearoa.
Posted: 7/03/2011
VuSafe - A Safe Way to View YouTube in Schools  
Whenever I go to a conference I like to take an informal poll about access to YouTube. I've never had much more than half of the respondents say that they could access YouTube in their classrooms. While there are plenty of alternatives to YouTube sometimes the only place you can find the clip you want is on YouTube. Larry Ferlazzo may have found a solution to that problem. That solution is called VuSafe.
Posted: 25/02/2011
Introducing Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office  
Teach your old docs new tricks with Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office. Google Cloud Connect is a free plugin that improves Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 on Windows PCs. It adds simultaneous collaboration, revision history, cloud sync, unique URLs and simple sharing to the Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications.
Posted: 25/02/2011
New utility that breaks music down into its components  
Hit 'n' Mix developer Martin Dawe shows how the software separates instruments from an audio file
Posted: 21/02/2011
NZOSA 2010 – Mark Osborne  
Albany Senior High School’s Mark Osborne delivers the keynote address at the New Zealand Open Source Awards Ceremony in Wellington last November. He discusses how the Auckland school is embracing open source solutions to provide students with innovative and cost-effective software.
Posted: 19/02/2011
Behind the TEDTalk  
Ever wondered how the pros prepare to give a speech? This mini documentary follows Sir Ken Robinson and Raghava KK as they get ready to present at TED2010. It’s a fascinating and revealing eight minutes.
Posted: 19/02/2011
7 ways games reward the brain  
In this TED Talk, Tom Chatfield argues that games are ideal for giving out rewards that engage the brain and keep us questing for more. He looks at seven key video game takeaways for teachers who want to tap into the power of computer games.
Posted: 19/02/2011
A Short Introduction To Historypin  
Historypin is a digital time machine that creates a new way for the world to see and share history.
Posted: 19/02/2011
WETOKU tutorial  
Wetoku offers a simple way to chat with someone online, record the meeting (or interview) and then share by using the embed code to place in a wiki, blog, or website. This video shows how to record an interview
Posted: 19/02/2011
BeFunky's Amazing One-Click Photo Effects and Editing Tools  
BeFunky simplifies photo editing and effects for everyday people. With BeFunky you can turn ordinary photos into a work of art with just one click, as this video explains.
Posted: 19/02/2011