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Weebly for Education (education.weebly.com)  
Weebly for Education (education.weebly.com) is free and allows teachers to easily create class websites and blogs. Students can also be added to class accounts in order to develop e-portfolios or to publish website assigned projects. To build a website simply drag and drop desired content elements on to your page, things like text, photos, maps, and videos. At any time you can change the theme, add pages, RSS feeds, a blog page, forms, surveys and more from the multitude of readymade fields. Hierarchy can be added to the pages by dragging the page tab left or right then back on the home screen, the page will appear under a page heading or alongside the main elements. When you’re ready, publish your creation. You can even publish to your own domain if you already have one.
Added: 27/11/2012
Virtual pop-up books  
Check out this TVZ report to see how researchers in Canterbury are developing a system to convert flat pages and pictures into 3D animations.
Posted: 27/11/2012
Weebly (weebly.com)  
Weebly is a free and easy-to-use tool for creating websites and blogs. You simply drag and drop different page elements onto a page (images, text, video, etc.) and fill in the content.
Posted: 8/10/2012
Creative Book Builder (getcreativebookbuilder.blogspot.co.nz)  
Available for iOS and Android, this is an app for creating an eBook using text, links, images, video, and audio. The result can be read by any ePub reader, including iBooks.
Posted: 8/10/2012
Microsoft OneNote  
Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking and information-management program. It can be used to store, organise and share ideas and ulti-media rrsoruces, from text and images, to web content and audio. Information is saved in Pages, which are organised into Sections within Notebooks. office.microsoft.com/onenote/
Posted: 8/10/2012
Can playing video games at school help students?  
Check out Edwin’s appearance on TVNZ’s Breakfast Show, where he talks about the value of students using computer games.
Posted: 8/10/2012
 Tracky (tracky.com)  
Set, tackle and complete tasks with Tracky (tracky.com). Ask a question or a challenge that you want to work on, or list chores that need completing, or anything that needs ‘doing’ – then track yourself as you fulfill the task. Alternatively make it a group effort and open the ‘track’ up to others to work on and contribute to.
Posted: 8/10/2012
3Dream (3dream.net)  
Quickly and easily design and re-design room interiors, online with 3Dream. There are more than 7,500 models, textures and materials in the product library for you to choose from and design with. You can view your room from several viewpoints, including 3D. There are text and video tutorials to help you get started. Take snapshots to print, email or share.
Posted: 8/10/2012
Sweet Home 3D (sweethome3d.com)  
This is a free interior design app that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview. You can download Sweet Home 3D and install it on your computer or use it online within your browser:
Posted: 8/10/2012
Exoplanet (exoplanetapp.com)  
Exoplanet (exoplanetapp.com) is a database of comprehensive facts relating to all the planets (aka exoplanets) discovered so far orbiting other stars. It’s updated regulary by a professional astronomer. The app includes features such as Twitter integration, Push notification when a new planet is discovered and an interactive 3D plot showing all known exoplanets in our Milky Way. Platforms: iOS and Android
Posted: 8/10/2012
Recently launched, Marqueed (marqueed.com) allows collaborators to comment, annotate, label and share collections of images and PDF files. Real-time notifications alert you to any activity in your collection. Activity is clearly displayed for all collaborators to assess not only what’s happening but what actions may need to be taken.
Posted: 8/10/2012