"Facebook was the most suitable tool for our goal of an interactive approach to the study of Romeo and Juliet, because it was the easiest way to achieve the kind of collaboration we were aiming for."
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Video of the Week
The TimeMap of World History  
Explore world history with The TimeMap of World History (timemaps.com/home/time-map). Starting at 3,500 BC, this site cleverly combines maps, timelines and chronological narratives to provide a visual guide to each civilisation and nation in history.
Added: 27/04/2012
Write by hand on your computer! Go to www.pilothandwriting.com, turn your handwriting into a digital font and send handwritten e-mails to your friends.
Posted: 5/10/2010
Monty Python Hospital Sketch  
The 'Machine that goes Bing' sketch by Monty Python.
Posted: 24/08/2010
What is Geocaching?  
Learn about the high-tech treasure hunting game being played around the world by adventure seekers!
Posted: 24/08/2010
What is Prezi?  
Prezi is a dynamic presentation tool that lets you zoom in and out across a large area (no slides), create motion paths, embed images,video and more
Posted: 24/08/2010
Dragon Dictation  
Training video for Dragon Dictation.
Posted: 24/08/2010
Dictionary.com for iPhone commercial  
Great ad for the Dictionary.com app for the iPhone.
Posted: 24/08/2010
Stanza Digital Book Reader  
Demonstration video of Lexcycle Stanza 2, the digital book reader for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.
Posted: 24/08/2010
Genius Scan  
Genius Scan is a portable scanner application for iPhone developed by Grizzly Software.
Posted: 24/08/2010
ePub Bud  
A new free service that can help authors create iPad ebooks from scratch or convert their already written books into iPad-compatible format.
Posted: 24/08/2010
Wall Wisher  
Wall Wisher is a web tool that allows you to have an interactive cork board. Imagine the ability to post notes with reminders about class trips, even the PDF file for the permission slip, as well as photos and other great items for your peers and students
Posted: 24/08/2010