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Video of the Week
Weebly for Education (education.weebly.com)  
Weebly for Education (education.weebly.com) is free and allows teachers to easily create class websites and blogs. Students can also be added to class accounts in order to develop e-portfolios or to publish website assigned projects. To build a website simply drag and drop desired content elements on to your page, things like text, photos, maps, and videos. At any time you can change the theme, add pages, RSS feeds, a blog page, forms, surveys and more from the multitude of readymade fields. Hierarchy can be added to the pages by dragging the page tab left or right then back on the home screen, the page will appear under a page heading or alongside the main elements. When you’re ready, publish your creation. You can even publish to your own domain if you already have one.
Added: 27/11/2012
Kenken explained  
Have you tried Kenken (kenken.com)? Tougher than Sudoku, this fun (and addictive) game is a great way to exercise your brain and practice basic maths and logic. There are various levels of difficulty. There are helpful instructions and a video tutorial to get you started.
Posted: 18/02/2012
Introducing Spoon  
Forget installing software and games, simply run them through your browser with app virtualisation tool Spoon (spoon.net). All you need is the browser plugin. There are 1000s to choose from at its app store. Make your selection, the site will cache the necessary files and the program will start.
Posted: 18/02/2012
How to Identify Fonts  
Check out this fun and quirky review of the dfferences between typefaces.
Posted: 18/02/2012
The 5 Worst Typos Ever  
After spotting a typo in his own book, an author consoles himself by talking about the five worst typographical errors and grammatical mistakes in the history of the English language, from the Bible to Shakespeare.
Posted: 18/02/2012
Parent-run 'free schools' open across England  
Last year, 24 ‘free’ schools financed by the state but mostly run by parents opened across England. Their creation is a major part of the coalition government's education policy. But teaching unions warn they could be a ‘dangerous distraction’, costing the taxpayers millions and failing to deliver the education most pupils need.
Posted: 18/02/2012
Time Is Nothing  
Putting on hold a successful business career, Kien Lam quit his job and spent a year traveling around the world. During his journey he took time-lapse videos in 17 countries. This incredible five-minute video is a compilation of these.
Posted: 18/02/2012
Promethean ActivSound  
If a student cant hear, they cant connect – this video demonstrates how ActivSound narrows the gap between student and teacher.
Posted: 18/02/2012
Introducing Sundew  
It's time to put your social network to work! This mobile app will transform it into a powerful Q&A network right at your fingertips. Need an unbiased opinion? Why not ask your most trusted friends for the answers with Sundew (sundew.net)?
Posted: 18/02/2012
Helping Kids Film  
You can watch the videos on the site or at Billy’s own YouTube Channel. Alternatively download them as mp4 files and watch at your leisure offline. Incidentally, footage was filmed on HD professional cameras, and the videos were edited using Final Cut Pro.
Posted: 18/02/2012
Youblisher (youblisher.com) is a tool that allows you to turn a document into an interactive, page-flipping publication. It includes page-turning sound, zoom in and moveable viewing area within the window. How does it work? Very simply! Start by printing your document to pdf, then sign up and log in to Youblisher. Upload your pdf file, complete the publication details – title, description, tags/keywords – and then submit it to publication. It will upload and convert very quickly, then you can choose from one of the four publishing options (URL, text link or one of the two embeddable choices) or you can load a PDF directly from an internet source.
Posted: 18/02/2012